Our little online Supper Club. Hearty, Flavoursome Favourites from Around the World.


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2 Courses £12

3 Courses £15

Home Cinema Bundle £12

Feed The Fam

To Start

S&P Hummus with Pitta

Classic Hummous, lightly seasoned with Salt And Pepper


Duck Tostadas

5 Spice Confit Duck with Onion and Peppers

on Homemade Crunchy Tostadas

Served with a Hoi Sin Englais


Lamb Moussaka

Layers of Potato, Aubergine and Rustic Lamb Moussaka Sauce

topped with Bechemel served with rice

Triple Stack Bacon Cheeseburger

3 Handmade Burger Patties stacked with American Cheese

and Proper Bacon

Served with Triple Cooked Chunky Chips

Veggie Durban Curry Bunny Chow

Malasian Style Sweet Potato, Caramelised Cauliflower

and Mushroom Curry

Served with rice in a hollowed out bread loaf


Cheesecake with a Mixed Berry and Sika Moringa* Coulis

*Moringa is a Vitamin and Mineral Rich Superfood. Particularly Rich in Vitamin K, it is a fantastic immunobooster.

Each portion will be served with the recommended 10g.

Please visit www.sikamoringa.com for further information.


Home Cinema Bundle

Nachos (They Mine!) Nachos

With Mild Chilli and The Best Cheese Sauce Ever!


4 Vimto Chew Bars+ 4 Refreshers Chew Bars

and a tub of Candyfloss to fight over

A Binbagfull of Popcorn

Because nobody wants a small popcorn. Served Salted, Sweet

or Sweet and Savoury(this one)

2 Small Bottles of Coke/Diet Coke


Please advise of any allergens when ordering